Fair Wind Scroll

Chang Feng Juan,长风卷

Authors : Hui Ye Ming Ming

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fantasy , Shounen ai , Webtoons , Yaoi

Chapters: 15

Last update: 10 months ago

4.40 /5 (171 votes)

For the crime of stealing the Fair Wind Scroll, He Xianzi had his soul crushed and was expelled from the celestial realm. Just before his execution, he made a promise with his disciple, San Tu... Now, thousands of years later, San Tu has achieved great progress in his cultivation and descends into the world of mortals in search of his master. He meets a man with the same appearance as He Xianzi, as if he was his reincarnation, yet that man claims not to know him. Facing the onslaught of evil and nefarious plots in the shadows, will San Tu be able to clear He Xianzi's name from injustice and continue toward their destined fates together?

Fair Wind Scroll