Fairy Heart

페어리 하트

Authors : Tara

Status : Completed

Genres : Fantasy , Romance , Supernatural

Chapters: 12

Last update: 4 months ago

3.80 /5 (-14 votes)

This is a story of fairies, told in a place without a name. Once in every 100 years, a young fairy from in the deep bush must come to the human world to become an adult. They use 'power' to attract a human male, to fall in love with. Afterward, the man dies. But, the fairy to whom he'd given his love will grow wings and become a beautiful adult. This fantasy romance story starts off with a fairy of Grass, named Grassbee, going to the human world to become an adult. Will she be able to attract a human male? Will she be able to become an adult fairy and get fairy wings? Magic can only do so much...Original webcomic: http://cartoon.media.daum.net/webtoon/view/fairyheart

Fairy Heart