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urmumreadyaoiRocks on  Pumpkin Night
This is honestly the best horror manga I've ever read and I like seeing people die in this manga idk why I think I'm weird but just read the manga you'll know why it's satisfying
Chubby princessRocks on  I Will Fall With The Emperor
Love this I want more quickly 🥺
キララRocks on  My Thirsty Coworker Has His Way with Me Every Night
A lot more wholesome than the title suggests! Worth the read.
EmyRocks on  Shame♡Application
The max for the star is 5 but for me this is 10!! It's just so da*n good!! They are so cute the story is cute, not too much drama just right just perfect, read it and you will love it for sure!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
SheilatRocks on  Under The Oak Tree
I really love it!
SheilatMeh on  Answer Me, My Prince
It's pleasent but sometimes boring! In any case I would like to know how the story will end.
aijksxyzRocks on  I Have To Be A Great Villain
The story and atmosphere maybe too heavy because it involves violence but I love the plot, it was great! I also love the characters, especially Wa** Yi. His acting skills are so perfect! I also love how the original story plot of the novel keep on messing up HAHAHA.
kiooikRocks on  My Darling Signed In
i love this so much
gongolodongus69Meh on  I can hear it without a microphone
Awesome art, I just...I started to waver w the whole egg-laying scene...that's just not for me 😭 and then when they actually had seggs there was great consent and everything but the bottom has like BAZINGAS like BEWBIES bigger than mountains....I love tatas but only on women, that's just me lol...all in all the art is great and the characters are fun, I just had to duck cuz of the keenk content and the bottom's cowabunga mommy milkers. Not for me, but I hope many others enjoy, as the art style is scrumptious!!
Yui Yokozaki
Yui YokozakiPretty good on  Are You Curious about the Review?
This manga was very good to read for me. I've really liked it, I highly recommend this for people who like bl manga.