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cityoftearsPretty good on  Redeem: Only One Forever
so, the reviews here are basically sh** so ill try to write a less terrible one. The storie is about a guy who after seeing his 17 years older boyfriend dying in front of him wakes up 10 years before the accident. He immediately runs to the veterinarian clinic his boyfriend runs and try to explain everything, but hes now a kid (11y). Nothing happens between them as far as chapter 23, and although the ideia is kinda uncomfortable, the author doesn't do anything to call this manhwa problematic, there's also some good twists so I'm eager to know where this will go
fan of cardi b fan o...Rocks on  The doomsday ruthless man: hoarding trillions of supplies at the beginning
Five stars for me
ScriptOnlyRocks on  Gedou o ◯rosu Series

ANTI-NTR Manga has officaly dropped boys, get to reading!


eyraxyzRocks on  Shutline
this will be favourite forever >3 (and my favourite chapter is chapter 26 🥰) i really recommend this for the beginners who want to try see BL 🤭🤭 (TRUST ME, IT'S SO GOOD 😭, i already read this 5 times.)
Fibi legrandRocks on  Double Face Niha Kanawanai
ame323Rocks on  The Hunter's one night
too short but stilll so goodd
bleeRocks on  “The Villainess” and The Woman Who Would Do Anything for the Sake of Love
such a great short read, very cute and sweet omigosh i want to have a relationship like theirs 🤕
Lucienlu94Rocks on  How to Survive as a terminally-ill Dragon
Absolutely must read
At first, I think they might go to school, the scenes in this story totally  different. 
Never read this kind of manhwa before so, this manhwa become like a landmark for me
Mr GreedRocks on  Grand Duke of the North
Misunderstandings, obsessions and cute reactions. 😅
IjījiSucks big time on  Dark Fall
I don't like writing reviews for stories that aren't done or isn't at least almost done, but this story is like, 60 chapters in from when I'm writing this and it sucks.

The art is nice. The writing... okay, there are chapters where a horrible translation came out first then a better one after, it was annoying 😭. For the writing in general, I mean, I guess it's fine for what's happening- I don't know man I hate this so much.

But the story development sucks so so so so SO BAD!!! 

Like the story is going nowhere! It's been 62 chapters and almost no questions have been answered! I'm watching a guy be sexually assaulted for several consecutive chapters for no reason (not saying that there is ever a reason for someone to be sexually assaulted) but to get pregnant and I don't even know what the baby is for or why no one else can consensually do it for them. 

I don't like it when people rush the author to come out with chapters because they literally have a life to live, but this is so slow! I can't even tell if there is a schedule, and the chapters are so short for the long wait! 

The only reason I keep reading this is because I want ANSWERS BRO 😭. I keep hoping that the new chapter that took two months to come out with only 10 pages will finally give me SOMETHING but it's just- THIS IS MAKING ME LOSE MY MARBLES AKDEBDIEN 😭

Look, if you like non-consensual stories with no plot, go ahead and read this. Ughhh...