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Chapter 24

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pongpoom ASMRRocks on  Eiyuu Densetsu: Sen no Kiseki
manga version of sen no kiseki story take place video game trail in  the cold steel
A guy on the interne...Sucks big time on  Warrior’s Adventure
Um I regret the 3 minutes I lost reading this BS
mikoslezakRocks on  Komi-San Wa Komyushou Desu
Amazingly fun and heart-warming story that will take you on a rollercoaster of happy emotions.
mikoslezakPretty good on  The Gal Who Was Meant to Confess to Me as a Game Punishment Has Apparently Fallen in Love with Me
A really heart warming story about love development in a really interesting relationship.
Tin_laSucks big time on  Desire Climax
This story is so messy... i don't like the yandare type he is and including the incest.. i read incest before but this is disgusting, theres ra** included as well which I loathe the most!!. FL is just dumb, I despie that she forgave him at everything hurtful thing he'd do. IK he's a yandare but this is too much for my heart!! I even binged it bcuz I honestly don't think this is worth the time.. I apologise for those who do enjoy the story but again this is just my opinion.
Anonymous 23
Anonymous 23Meh on  Backlight
This started as an interesting story and then was filled up with BL troupes.
StasiaRocks on  Holding You Captive
Oh that crown Prince is creepy! Looking forward to more.
Xx.Reader.xXRocks on  Crash Into Me
It's super good! Green flag top I love him. You should definitely try this one ou
I don't have think �...Sucks big time on  A Perfect Ending Plan of the Villain in a Fairy Tale
FL is obsessed with making her minor sister a couple with an adult who is far older then her like usual stupid mc thinking

No in original story it is like this it is like that Clearly ignoring signs of ml showing that he likes her

In conclusion your head will heart
YurioRocks on  Villain To Kill
at first when i started it I thought it was that classic recarniation revenge series but it ended up so captivating i finished it all in a day, seriously though it's such a good series to start