P no Higeki

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P to JK

From ANN:Female high-schooler Kako met Kouta at a party for adults. Although she gets into a good mood with him, she finds out he's actually a policeman.


From Anime Waves:Kobayagawa Shio is a "private actress" who works for a production company. She also does personal assignments that needs her to pretend to be a different person. She takes on assignments for people and takes on the personality of th


Yonggi had sworn not to fight anymore since the death of his teacher. It doesn't stop him from protecting the weak while trying to hide his true strength. But when Gihoon, an old associate of Yonggi, drives him in the world of illegal fights, the yo

P2! - Let's Play Pingpong!

Hiromu is a kid who is slow and bad in sports; despite that, he really wants to do sports. After a day full of failures trying to get to a sports club, he gets to the ping pong club. In the ping pong club he meets someone named Kawazue who is the ac

Pacified Storm

Following the declining health of the Emperor, the smell of Great War is coming to shake the Qing's dynasty. Would Han Xin, a young and talented military strategist, follow his destiny to become part of the changing times? Pacified Storm is a Coloss

Padiu's diary

Padiu is a grey and white "purebred" Chinese shorthair cat. He was raised by me, a manga artist, in my studio. I originally wanted to raise him to be an artistic little cat, but a series of ridiculous events occurred: he peed on my manuscripts, chew


From Yen Press:"A grudge is a sentiment that is chained down and cannot move. That fixed sentiment becomes sadness, and when that sadness remains chained with no escapeit becomes hostile" Baek-On and Ho-Yeon are exorcists-for-hire, traveling through


With the appearance of the God Leto, there came justice. But all of that was a LIE.

Painter Of The Night

Na-kyum is a young painter with an exceptional talent: creating erotic images of men. Though he has published a few collections under a pseudonym, he has decided to quit painting. Then Seungho, a young nobleman, barges into his life. A hell-raiser no

Painting Number 20

Collection of short stories:1) Tableau Numero 202) Just Not Like a Merry-Go-Round3) Rasgueado4) en el parquet5) le visiteurContinuation of the Tableau Numero 20 story.6) ExtrasFrom The Moon in a Box:Ever since he discovered the rough sketch for a lo

Painting Warriors

In the early Song Dynasty (AD 960-1127), at the western border of the Tangut Empire - a pivot point of the Silk Road - furious battles were being fought. Brave warriors of the Tangut and a strange religious army from the west battled for a rumoured

Pajama na Kanojo

Keisuke and Makura are childhood friends who grew up together almost like brother and sister. One day, due to a misunderstanding they had, Makura left the house angry until Keisuke's Mom is worried about Makura not coming home yet, thus Keisuke is t

Palace Meidi

In an alternate-universe Meiji era Japan, Misono Kimiyori, a fourteen year old boy from an impoverished noble family, begins to work in the Palace to alleviate his family's debts. There, he encounters the Girl Emperor, Akiko. This meeting is the sta


From: Easy Going ScansThe country of Greenland, after losing the war to the Imperial Army, were in agony and despair for what will the future bring them. They had hired mercenaries to help them during the war and now they've come back to collect the

Palawari’S Choice

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Pale Throne

Young Bai accidentally kills someone, from then on he enters the world of killers.A black card appeared in front of the door of pale throne, who can get the ultimate weapon left by the most successful killer?To kill, to follow the road of killing, is

Pamper My Fiancee ( Fate And Contract Wife )

She died and reincarnated into a family drama.He rescued her for what reason?

Pampered Mr. Lu’S Wife And Fateful Meeting

Pampered Mr. Lu's wife and fateful meetingAn unwanted adopted daughter, spiked drink, a wrong room with a bossy president insounds like some CEO comic cliche all over again, right? Well this time, what makes a difference is the president's ADORKABLE


Minita Kokage, a man who was bullied in his past due to his unfortunate name, encounters something unbelievable while working his part-time job that causes his daily life to suddenly change.

Pandemonium - Majutsushi no Mura

A man who travels carrying a box on his shoulders, Zipher. When he collapsed exhausted, it was the inhabitant of a certain villageDomikawho rescued him. Against the opposition of other villagers, she lent her hand to him; but this village hides a bi


Once upon a time, there's a god named Prometheus. Loving human beings too much, he had stolen the fire to them without letting other gods knew. Zeus was really irritated.To take revenge of Promotheus and the folks, Zeus created Pandora, the first wo

Pandora (NEMU Youko)

A strange little series where the mildly surreal and fictional melds into reality.

Pandora Hearts

Heir to the Vessalius Duke House, Oz, has just turned fifteen. His life is carefree and wealthy, darkened only by the continuous lack of his dad. At his coming of age service, every thing changes. For no reason he is able to pick out, Oz is cast int

Pandora Hearts ~odds and ends~

The one and only Pandora Hearts artbook


Its been 15 years after the last Great War. While the scars of wars appear to have vanished on the outside.In truth, the world has become a much harsher place.Follow the journey of Felix and Bay on their quest to find someone from their past.

Pani Poni

A new teacher is assigned to Momotsuki Academy. Her name is Rebecca Miyamoto, or Becky. She is short, but she is pretty smart. This is a school comedy performed by Becky and strange students...and animals!?


Empires fall and rise on the Yulan Continent. Immortal beings of unimaginable power, Saints, conflict using swords and charms, making swathes of destruction in their own wake. Magic creatures rule the mountains, where the courageous - or the silly -


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This manga is about a girl who was found in the jungle in Africa. She was found by a scientist in that jungle, called Mark. Mark, surprised to find a girl living with the chimpanzees in this jungle then brought her back to his homeland called Roland

Pantheon of Gods

Su Mu of the Su family of the Great Tang Dynasty was arrogant and gifted, but his cultivation was wasted due to a disease. One day, an arrow shot from outside the sky hits him, not only helping him to recover his strength, but also making Su Mu a di

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Panty and Stocking aren't your normal girls. They are ghost fighters. And to top it off they are angels. Angels filled with humans desires what kind of adventures will they have as they fight off evil.

Panzer of the Cospiracy

Masumi Rei, a student council president who has gained tremendous trust from all students.Although he is an excellent performer with good results,Actually, it was a strategy to fulfill the ridiculous ambition that he vowed when he was in junior high

Papa I Love You

Kaoru has a little problem (two to be exact) he's suddenly got two bundles of joy dropped on his doorsteps thanks to his slacker brother. Despite their rough start it really does look like they can all become a family but it sees like one of them mi

Papa No Iu Koto O Kikinasai!

The story explains the day-to-day of a college freshman, Yta, just starting a new life in the School of Literature Department of Tama University. While he grew up with his sister, he left and lived by himself when she got married with a man who had t

Papa No Iu Koto O Kikinasai! - Takanashi No Hidamari

An anthology focusing mostly on stories of side characters adapted from Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai! (With the exception of the extra 4koma pages, written by rcowada and bomi.)