Ex-wife of A Billionaire ( Haomen Tianjia Qianqi )Chapter 698

Jianmo, known as the Campus Flower' gets separated from the other party after her boyfriend decides to study overseas after graduation. The couple decides to keep a distant relationship and wait for the other partner before starting their new life to

Jingi no MamoribitoChapter 10

"All I wanted was simply for it to be just the two of us, yet" Senri is young man who can hear the voices of plants, an envoy of the gods. As a watchman for the gods of heaven and earth, his role is to cut down the gods that have been made impure, re

Miss Revenge RebornChapter 12

At 3 years old, her father went missing. At 15, her hands were broken. At 16, her mother was killed in a car accident. At 19, she was framed by his own uncle. At 22, she was burned alive by her husband and best friend. My heart is full of venom. Only

My Boss Won’t Stop Loving MeChapter 66

The boss falls in love with her overnight?!See how she avenges herself on those who've hurt her and thrives in career.He was a well-known president in the city of Ning, while she was an ordinary employee who concealed her identity. As she never thoug

Absolutely AbandonedChapter 54

at Su Mu, the fourth young master of the Su family, was kicked out of the family by the Su family because of a temporary loss in investment. A dog in the family is still low. However, the tiger will roar the mountains and the forest, the dragon will

Contract Wife Runs away from the CEOChapter 374

Her best friend's planned a meticulous plan to schemed her. Her first time was snatched away by a cold demonic President. Her first love that once loved was also ruined. He threw down a marriage contract, ignoring her resistance and declare his posse

Forest of the FirefliesChapter 64

Sonya is selected to be the Alice of Sloth.What sort of adventures await for her in the afterlife?

One-Night EvilChapter 100

Ho wan's mother needed a lot of money for operation because of critically illness, which made her selling herself for money. But everything was too lateshe wanted to revenge but was not capable. She found her pregnant one day and gave birth to himA N

Honey, I’m Going On a StrikeChapter 21

Cassia Ruberno, Countess of the Simone Empire, marries Zester Greze, a commoner war hero, at the order of emperor.After living for 10 years with no love or money, he dies of incurable disease. No, I only thought that he was dead.At the same time as h

I Don't Understand Shirogane-san's Facial Expression at AllChapter 4

Yotsuya-kun joined the Discipline Committee in order to get closer to Shirogane-san, yet he can't read her facial expressions at all. Shirogane-san is always hiding her face behind her mask, but what may be the reason? Rom-Com shenanigans ensue.The f

Wu Ying Sanqian DaoChapter 149

Xu Wuzhou just made a time travel and found himself become a son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife's parents! On the very night of their wedding, he couldn't believe his eyes because his wife's bestie was in his bed! His bad luck didn't stop t

True Blue wa Kesshite Iro AsenaiChapter 4

The story of a couple, long-haul trucker Mickey and waitress Bonny. With their childlike purity, they meet and seek happiness. The adult love scenes will move your heart. (From Limerent Void Scans)

Neta Chara Kari Play no Tsumori ga Isekai Shoukan: Mayoibito wa Josei no Teki ni Nintei saremashitaChapter 10

Horikawa Kento, a 35 years old man was transported into a different world with online game skills. His character is a 15 years old boy with absurd skill. [handsome], [well protected], [womanizer] and [sexual prodigy]. In order to survive in this worl

Today stupid dirty top plays me againChapter 7

Male main character Qiu Yan Zhi immersed himself in a 3D love game in order to escape from reality, came upon his childhood friend He Zhou, their old feelings for each other came back again and the secrets of the game were gradually unveiled.

Oh! My DarlingChapter 5

Hikaru is a sixteen year old girl who lost her parents at a young age, and grew up with her grandparents and her long-time crush, Shinpei. Now, because Hikaru's grandfather does not have much longer to live, she must marry Shinpei. But how does Shinp

The Dragon’s Brave LoveChapter 5

One day, as Sia was organizing the storehouse, she finds her grandmother's diary. Her grandmother had written about tea leaves with mysterious power and how the tea house could be so successful with its tea. She also mentioned that since The Being' w

I'm Becoming a Master of the Imperial Palace!Vol.1 Chapter 101

Wei Yi Yi is one of the most beautiful and talented women of the kingdom. After being called ugly by the Emperor, she decides to take revenge by painting him in the ugliest and most ridiculous way possible! She didn't plan for the palace's master pai


The world went into chaos when the Prince rebelled and usurped the throne. In order to save the humanity, Xu Han, a beggar, rebelled against the assassin organization [Hell Asura Clan] to overthrow the tyranny with his friends to return the world to

The CEO’s New ClothesChapter 15

When Myung-hae goes for an interview, she is shocked to see the director, Chan Lee, naked before her. Only she can see Chan Lee without his clothes, while he can read other people's thoughts. A superpower-driven office romance filled with extraordina

Do You Believe in Ghosts?Chapter 34

Will Destiny's crush on a ghost-seeing cutie next door work out?

1518!Chapter 6: Operation Ice Cream (3)

The manga's story centers around Sachi Maruyama, a girl who has just entered high school. In her new school, she finds that no club activities really interest her, so she is invited by an upperclassman from her middle school now the student council

Combine CubeChapter 7

A high schooler with combine abilities, Walked on a path with no retreat, a death battle!

Seijo wa Ryuukishi-sama ni MamorareteChapter 14
Millennium SpinningChapter 7

A child abandoned in a forest infested with deadly beasts, is picked up by five martial arts masters. He learns the best skills and martial arts techniques from them. The true identities of these masters is that of radiation walking on the path of th

The Tiger, The Sun and The MoonChapter 61

When a girl of certain heritage gets thrown into her destiny that involves a folktale that turns out to be true, what will she do?

Save Me, Guild Master!Chapter 15

In the peak of the Tang Dynasty, Suzhou's wealthiest family, the Jia Family's precious daughter enjoys dressing as a boy. She dresses as a boy every day, pretending to be the second young master of the Jia Family as she runs about town with her two b

Once a HeroChapter 9

"Had he been a hero in his past life or something...?" "That's right. I once rescued this nation from destruction." When Ja-in is kidnapped due to his family's massive debt, Unjo happens to walk by and save him from his kidnappers. From that day onwa

The Escargot Boy Lives in the AtticChapter 5

After a driving accident, Liu Yi Jun was blackmailed by an injured university student, Xia Yang, and was forced to live together with him. But who knew that this honey-lipped and good-looking young man is a great cook for Chuan Cuisine. And so, as an

Circumstances of Switching BodiesChapter 9

The prince was cursed of switching bodies with the woman he spent the night with, and I became the daughter of the duke who could not solve the curse. Tempted to solve the curse, I seduced him indifferently and spent the night with him. I gave him th


DoEun, the leader of the loyalist party and serial-dater, has a new mission. In order to infiltrate the house of the country's enemy, Seo MoonTaek, DoEun approaches JangHan, MoonTaek's son, but... "What? A romantic relationship regardless of gender?"


After the gate opened, monsters brought chaos into the world, hunters sponsored by sponsors awakened and protected the world. Among them, there is a group known as the twelve heroes' who are the strongest. They are also the ones who built Eden and ch

Stage of the Dark SoulsChapter 6

There's an old rumor about the Schravant's mansion. That a dark devil will, one day, come to take away the beautiful master of the house. It seems to be nothing more than fanciful thinking, but how does that explain the change that Mihael brings when

Honey, I'm Going on StrikeChapter 21

Explanation of the work.Cassia Ruberno, Countess of the Simone Empire, marries Jester Greze, a commoner war hero, at the order of emperor.After living for 10 years with no love or money, he dies of incurable disease. No, I only thought that he was de

The Ultimate Martial SpiritChapter 69

The death of Chen Feng's respected teacher taught him a hard lesson. He swears that one day, he will get his revenge for the humiliation inflicted upon him. In his teacher's tomb, he found the blood of dragon, and a mysterious ancient tripod. So begi

Yuusha Shoutai Kamoku Yuusha Wa NagasarenaiChapter 8

The Isekai hero has defeated the Demon King and is being sent back to his world, but the princess hugs him & they both get sent to another world full of sci-fi. Can they survive now?

Let Me Hold Your HandChapter 6

I have the powers to sleep with any woman if I hold their hands, but why don't I wanna hold hers?