The Crescent ScholarChapter 6

.In his childhood, the only son of three generations of only sons, Yoo Weol, narrowly escaped a burning mountain with the help of the wolf spirit. Afterwards, to level the combination of yin and yang caused by change in constitution, his name was cha

Mesuiki x Ureoji BLChapter 8

.Coming relentlessly, melting relentlessly, panting relentlessly."Old man, do you like it when I make this place all sloppy?"At an average of 45, their sense of reason is blown away.[Includes bonus illustrations]cover IllustrationNiyamaHon Toku "Alc

Secret Fetish AnthologyChapter 13 : i’m a coward, but it’s oka...

.The hidden dangeroussecrets of five stories.Let's meet them now

Yagate Kimi ni Naru: Official AnthologyChapter 26 - Because We're a Couple 45 Days Apart - [Vol. 2 - Chapter 13]

Official anthology of the yuri manga Blooming into You!Story 1 : Can I bloom into you someday? (Hiragi Yutaka)Story 2 : Perhaps a constellation like that (Canno)Story 3 : Floating Maiden (Chomoran)Story 4: Onigiri,Coquette,Tamagoyaki (Miyama Okara)St

Citrus Comic Anthology: Lovely PartyChapter 11 - Following the King's Orders

Anthology added as a bonus book with special edition of Citrus volume 8.Story 1 : a sign (Kunerin)Story 2 : Cry, Baby, Cry (Kiyoko Iwami)Story 3 : How it looks in the heart ( Yayoi Osawa)Story 4 : I wanna know more (Aya Oryu)Story 5 : Does as the kin

Mebae – Vivid Yuri AnthologyVol.05 - Chapter 1 - Mayonaka Yonaka No Accept - 4

Catch! by G-complex (YUI_7)Hatsukoi Wadzurahi (The Pain of Your First Love) by AMABUKI ZarameMayonaka Yonaka no Accept (Sexually Frustrated Office Ladies) by ONO HirokiNoroi no Aoi-chan (The Cursed Aoi-chan) by ARATA IriPoanto by NAGATSUKI MisokaPers