Cute Baby Is Coming : Daddy And Mommy Are Super Fierce

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Romance , Manhua

Chapters: 25

Last update: a day ago

3.7 /5 (163 votes)

A cute baby took a book and flipped it over seriously. Mommy the next man you are going to meet, you must grasp him. The woman looked confused when she was forcibly taken to a certain cafe by her own son. Wu Jiao Jiao wants to cry, but there are no tears. Hello sir, I am here for a blind date. A certain man raised his eyes with a sullen look on his face. Wu Jiao Jiao, are you seeking death by coming to a blind date alone?! Wu Jiao jiao raised his legs and ran, while running, she is accusing her son and said "you did not tell me, this man is your father".Notes from mangabuddyAll our manhua content is protected under copyrighted law.mangabuddy never gives anyone authorization or permission to publish our content on another website/app. If you're publishing our content on your website/app, it's mean that you're infringing the copyright of our works. Therefore stop stolen our works or else we will take legal action against you.


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Cute Baby Is Coming : Daddy And Mommy Are Super Fierce