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Days Of Confrontation With Scum AttackChapter 90
RomanceShounen ai

.Yu Baoyuan poured out his heart for five years, still ended up getting kicked away by A Scum . Was it knocked down like this! Impossible. Even the whole life is mess....Yu Baoyuan still think he is the chosen son of heaven who is hard-bone, stubborn

Forced to Be a Princess After Reincarnating in Another WorldChapter 78

ENShe is a police officer who has been living independently and accidentally crossed into another world on her way to work. What kind of story will she tell in this completely unknown world?

Irresistible BossChapter 49

ENA handsome man and a beautiful woman are destined to be a match made by the heavens, right? WRONG! What happens when the most fierce assassin on the PK list uses thousands of dollars to buy the most beautiful wife only for her to turn out to be a g

The Unyielding Ancient CultivatorChapter 130

ENA Hundred Thousand of both Gods and Demons refine their own bodies to its finest and its peak, Ten Thousand Demons would then reforge their own bodies with Mystical Herbs, all of them would then come together to pierce the Nine Heavens, wreak havoc

A Big Shot In The Imperial PalaceChapter 175

EN"Season 2: Prince Ning's daughter always wanted to find a husband who was ignorant, innocent, delicate, and home-loving. When she got married, she found her husband was totally different from her imagination. This strong man was trusted by the Empe

My Mother Is Not Easy to Mess WithChapter 44

Je me rveille heureuse d'tre mre, mais il me faut gagner de l'argent pour lever mon enfant et trouver un pre.Il semble que la propritaire de mon corps tait un peu folle et est en butte aux harclemlents et insultes des gens du villages.Mais je suis l

Noemi's daily lifeChapter 5

ENNoemi is a dream girl for any guy with a sister complex. She's cute and sexy, with a sex drive high enough to keep your stamina in check. Get "ready" for the ride in her daily adventures together with her beloved brother ctrlz77!

Take Off The Battle RobesChapter 56

ENThe General's childhood friend, whom he has been pining over and seeking for years, has unexpectedly become so wanton, trying all ways to seduce him at every turn! This wolf dressed in rabbit's clothing even spends all day thinking about how to mak

The Villainess’s Survival PlanChapter 113

ENBorn into a prestigious family, Xiao Yao passed away from a severe illness. It was only upon waking that she realized she had reincarnated into the body of Ophelia, the one and only evil little sister of the female protagonist of the storyPrincess

A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality—Immortal World ArcChapter 170

EN10,000 years after the beginning of the story, in the Spirit realm, the fox girl Liu Le'er's clan was wiped out by the blood saber sect, and she herself was also hunted down. Traumatized and injured Liu Le'er hides under a big rock, just when the t

There’s no way that my clan has a female playerChapter 22

Li Ning, a nerd, is a veteran player of the [Star Trails] MMORPG., but due to all of his clan members being male characters, his clan is called the [ Gay clan]. Even though he's embarrassed about the title given to them, Li Ning found out that he is

A Lone Wolf Can Have Toriko's LoveChapter 49
RomanceShounen ai

ENChi Su Mu's favourite hobby is feeding stray dogs and doing house chores. In a sudden incident of "Kleine-Levin syndrome", he met the hot-tempered yet tsundere "fox", Gu Xue. With his kind disposition, Sumu suddenly became an emergency member of "W

Imprison the FlowerChapter 22
Shounen ai

On the wedding night, the demon left the bride to enter his room, forcing him to say words of love to him. It seems that the more HuaZhao suffers, the more satisfied Gia Co An is, originally Hoa Chieu wanted to join him in the end to bury this sick t

My Notoriously Naughty LoverChapter 48 : episode 48

ENLike a savage, he creeps up to her. He makes her his prisoner, clinging to her tightly. She tries her best to fight back, but she falls into his trap over and over again. He snickers into her ear, "From now on, I have one goal and one goal alone, w

A Fruitless BetrothalChapter 11

ENDai Yi is a female geography teacher who has just transferred to high school. She has a crush on her colleague, the popular female teacher, Zhang Guo, and she was about to grow closer with her crush. However, Zhang Guo unexpectedly announced that s

The Prince is a CatChapter 25

ENAn ordinary college student, Lu Zhizhi signed a temporary contract to become the Prince cat's cafe manager with a single thought?! She rescued the cafe which is on the verge of bankruptcy, but she also has to help the cats realize their wishes. Out

The Strongest Actor in HistoryChapter 8

ENSypnosis: Zhao Xiaotian suffered all kinds of hardships because of his supernatural powers. After an explosion, he caught up with the trend of traversing different worlds, but unfortunately, the claws of the dark forces still did not let him go, as

The WickedChapter 106

ENIn the year 1620, Taichang Emperor died a mysterious and sudden death. That had caused terror and rumors to spread among the palace's inhabitants. Every night since the Emperor's death, strange gale howled in the city center, followed by a series o

Classmate Gui, Please Be A Little Bit More Patient!Chapter 23

ENAfter failing to reincarnate countless times, Tao Zhi, a young girl, finally found a way she might enter reincarnation: to help a human teenager, Gui Zizhuo, who collaborates with the Ghost Realm, to raise the ratings of his ghost exorcisms. That b

A Collection of Peculiar HappeningsChapter 110

ENMany mythical and ghastly tales have spread throughout the 5000 long years of Chinese history. These stories might feature mythical creatures or terrifying beasts, sing praises to the Gods or whisper of the Devil. Some were recorded in the official

Paranormal FlirtingChapter 128

ENEven in the nation where Strange Tales had become a myth, occurrences of the paranormal persisted. Lu Wuji, an ordinary hoodlum, inadvertently crossed paths with the young demon huntress Xiao Zhai, and a destined adventure full of freakishness comm

It's all your fault that I fail the Heavenly TribulationChapter 4

ENYang Xuan, the myth of the cultivation world, failed the heavenly tribulation due to his junior sister interrupting causing the heavenly thunder to struck the heavenly court's treasure vault. And so he lost all of his cultivation. The only way to r

The Time Traveler's DaughterChapter 3

ENWhat if the dead could travel through time and space? A rebellious girl meets her long-dead father, and the two become classmates.Life is about to turn upside down!