The Young Smart Kids-President’s Pampered Wife Is Too Heroic

Finding My Daddy For Mommy, Steal Your Heart

Authors : Zhang Yue & Ying Meng She

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Manhua

Chapters: 220

Last update: 5 days ago

4.2 /5 (1901 votes)

Five years ago in a dark tent, a drunk woman took the initiative and sneakily attacked him.The woman gave birth to twins but lose one. Five years later, that woman secretly took a picture of him, cure his disease and stole his heart. He took a little bun and abducted her other son to play missing. Feng Yi Chen swore, he has to catch that woman and pamper her fiercely and have to let her know that taking his advantage, she has to pay for the price.Notes from mangabuddyAll our manhua content is protected under copyrighted law.mangabuddy never give anyone authorised or permission to publish our contents on other website.If you're publishing our contents on your website, it's mean that you're infringement our copyrighted of our works. Therefore stop stolen our works or else we will take legal action against you.


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The Young Smart Kids-President’s Pampered Wife Is Too Heroic