The Fiancees Live Together
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His fiancee lost her parents so she will be living with the Hyeons, but Sang-Won is a middle school student and the fiance is a 24 year old adult!? Sang-Won tries to deny that his fiance is 9 years older than him, but seeing that she does not act her

The Duchess' 50 Tea Recipes
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When I opened my eyes, I had become the duchess. But something isn't right. I went as far as becoming a character but I'm just a duchess in name that gets mistreated by the maids and ignored by her husband. What a crappy life! Gosh, I don't know what

The Breaker: New Waves
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After his master Goomonryong destroys his ki-center, Shioon leaves the world of the Murim for a normal life to which he believes his master was trying to return him. But for a boy who holds the Phoenix medallion of the Sunwoo clan and the knowledge o

To You, The Immortal
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An immortal being was sent to the surface of the earth and met a boy living alone in the middle of tundra. The being can take the shape of dying things, but only if the "impetus" is stronger than the previous one. What sort of experiences and meeting

The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years
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The worst student of Westrod Academy, the disgrace of the Blake House.A new soul enters the lifeless body of Frey Blake, the boy who couldn't handle his painful life and chose death instead."What's with this body?I'll have to check every little detai

The Master of Martial Arts Retired Life
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Starting today, I retire. But what should I do...... I don't have any talents, and I don't have the brains for business. My only talent is to defeat enemies all over the world. What a pain......

Tensei Kizoku no Isekai Boukenroku ~Jichou wo Shiranai Kamigami no Shito~
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Shiina Kazuya, our protagonist who got killed by a stranger when he tried to protect his childhood friend and little sister, reincarnated into Cain Von Silford as the third son in the world of sword and magic.Cain grew up being surrounded by Gods who

The Unsuccessful Yet Academically Unparalleled Sage ~A Cheating S-Rank Sorcerer's Post-Rebirth Adventurer Log~
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After reincarnating in a different world, the great sage Ephthal spent all of his life researching magic. However, he who had aimed to reach the summit of magic, knew of the limits of his talents and fell into despair, thus closing the curtain to his

Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita
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When he realized it, the protagonist was in another world and had become a sword that was stabbed on an altar in a great plain, crowded with devil beast. The world he was in had a game like system; HP, MP, Strength, Vitality, Agility, Intelligence, D

The Portal Of Wonderland
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A wonder falling down from heaven! A boy possessed by strange blood! Gods tremble! Demons flee! A boy from the land of Dong Zhou. A pink skull as his sworn friend until death. A story of a determined warrior struggling for power. A legend that shakes

Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
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Typical company employee Tanaka Daichi (38 years old, single) loves games and plays a new type of VRMMO called "One More Free Life Online" under the username "Earth". Inside this free world he chose several skills that are generally regarded as usele

The Strongest Wizard Becomes a Countryside Guardsman After Taking an Arrow to the Knee
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The strongest wizard Alfred, in a hero's party, subdued the Maou and in the process took a cursed arrow to the knee.Even with the hurt knee, Alfred's still the strongest wizard ever. SoWe need a chief for our newly created knight squad! Could you hel

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi
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Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or transla

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Kazuya Kagami never goes anywhere without the precious Sakura Obi his mother gave him. One day a beautiful, kimono-clad girl named Kiriha appeared before him. Kiriha naturally began to live with Kazuya in his room. Then there's Chisato, Kazuya's chil

Tokyo Ghoul:re
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Part 1 : Tokyo GhoulIn Tokyo, an unchanging despair is lurking. Mysterious man-eating beings, ghouls, run rampant in Tokyo. Living hidden during everyday life, the existence of ghouls, whose true identities are shrouded in mystery, permanently terror

The Eminence In Shadow
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Just like how everyone adored heroes in their childhood, a certain young man adored those powers hidden in shadows. After hiding his strength and living the mediocre life of a mob character by day while undergoing frenzied training by night, he final

Ten Count
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When the President got into an accident, Shirotani Tadaomi met Kurose. On their very first meeting, Kurose could tell right away that Shirotani is Mysophobic and said that it's pretty bad while suggesting it would be better to consult a doctor about

Tokyo Ghoul
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Part 2 : Tokyo Ghoul : ReTokyo Ghoul Mangais a story happening in a world where instead of undertaking the first rank on the food chain, human being is hunted and devoured by a human-like creature named Ghoul. This organism possesses supernatural pow

The Labyrinth Raids of the Ultimate Tank ~The Tank Possessing a Rare 9,999 Endurance Skill was Expelled from the Hero Party~
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Rude is a tank, known as the strongest in history. However, the Hero decided that his skills were worthless because he couldn't do anything but take damage, and threw him out of the party. His cleric friend who trusted him followed him to the remote

The Strongest Magical Swordsman Ever Reborn As An F-Rank Adventurer.
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Aizawa Yuri has reincarnated 2 times now and is dead tired of being the emperor of this and that. Using his skills he acquired a reincarnation artifact, and starts his life in a brand-new world!

The Duchess With An Empty Soul
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I died miserably, on the day I found out the truth. The truth, that my fiance had a hidden lover and it was my very own cousin.On the second morning, after my 20th birthday, a miracle happened. From that point on, I decided not to believe in love any

Tenseishichatta yo (Iya, Gomen)
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From MangaHelpers: After a god screws up and accidentally takes high schooler Shou's life, he offers him reincarnation with a gift to make up for it. Shou asks to retain all his old memories for the new life. Shou is reborn as Will, a noble's son in

The Hero Who Returned Remains The Strongest In The Modern World
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And Now He Trains Beautiful Warriors Using Superpowers!?

The Justice Of Villainous Woman
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The day I lost my boyfriend to my best friend, I fell into the Han River by mistake.And when I woke up, I became a famous duke's daughter named Chartiana Altizer Cailon - who's known as the villain!?"I've already chosen my empress, and you're just pa

The World's Best Assassin, Reincarnated in a Different World as an Aristocrat
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The eldest son of the assassin aristocrat Towerhades.The skill, experience, knowledge of the previous life, magic, all of which grows his power as an assassin.Excellent assassins pass through. He was usually admired as the ideal lord, and behind it w

Tensei Ouji wa Daraketai
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Haruto is an ordinary Japanese student who is tired of constant work and study. After getting trucked, he is reincarnated as Phil Graceheart, the youngest child in a royal family. When Phil is three years old, he gets a head injury that causes him to

The Expensive Ex-Wife Of A Wealthy Family
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Jianmo, known as the 'Campus Flower' gets separated from the other party after her boyfriend decides to study overseas after graduation. The couple decides to keep a distant relationship and wait for the other partner before starting their new life t

The Heaven's List
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Set in the "The Great Ruler" world in the distant future. We follow the journey of a young cultivator aspiring to join the "spiritual road".

Tensei Kenja No Isekai Raifu ~Daini No Shokugyo Wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou Ni Narimashita~
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Sano Yuji, a black company employee, is summoned to another world while finishing his work at home. His profession in the other world, a Monster Tamer, is considered a job that makes it difficult to become an adventurer. However, thanks to some slime

This Girl Is A Little Wild
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After he was defeated, the Demon King used the last of his strength to trap the captain of the Holy Knights into the body of a weak girl. However, the Captain was a girl to begin with, so, tired of her former life and unable to return to her former b

The Duke Of Death And His Black Maid
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A Duke was cursed by a witch to kill everything he touches. Unable to handle this curse his parents send him to live in a far off manor. As his maid and childhood friend now teases him everyday, he wishes more than anything to rid himself of the curs

The Mage Will Master Magic Efficiently In His Second Life
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Zeff Einstein spent his whole life mastering red magic and was finally recognized for it, yet a new spell that was soon created revealed that his talent for red magic was his lowest. Bitter at the thought of all his wasted effort, he creates a spell

The Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation
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As the grandmaster who founded the Demonic Sect, Wei WuXian roamed the world in his wanton ways, hated by millions for the chaos he created. In the end, he was back-stabbed by his dearest shidi and killed by powerful clans that combined to overpower

The Story of an Onee-San Who Wants to Keep a High School Boy
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The Story of an Onee-San Who Wants to Keep a High School Boy.

The Child of Light
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Zhang Gong decides to learn light magic, a magic few show interest in and eventually becomes the legendary Grand Mage. While trying to end the continent's east and west separation in order to unite all the different races, he becomes every race's Chi

The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs
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Leon, a former Japanese worker, was reincarnated into an "otome game" world, and despaired at how it was a world where females hold dominance over males. It was as if men were just livestock that served as stepping stones for females in this world. T